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 Let's take a look at the benefits of "Design-Build" versus the "Design-Bid-Build" process.

Look at this very happy family they're moving into their new home that was just finished by Lux Home Builders, a "Design-Build" Company.

Benefits and Simplicity of the "Design-Build" Process :

1.  One contract to have their home designed and built.

2.  Maximum project dedication from a single responsible party.

3.  No hand-offs to outside parties, thus less chance of any fumbles.

4.  The home completed within their desired budget.

Now, let's look at the typical "Design-Bid-Build" process; You pay to have plans drawn up, and then send them to multiple builders hoping they all interpret them the same.  Next you say a little prayer hoping for a good price and quality.

Dandy Dan Designer

Oh goody these home plans are done, now it's time for me to move on to my next job.  I'll give these plans to my client so she can send them out to 3 or 4 builders to bid on, should only take a few months.

Crafty The Contractor

Well, I won the bid, now let me see if I can make any money on it.  I know where I can get me some materials on the cheap.  Plus I'll put Speedy Supervisor on the job, he costs me next to nothing..

Sp​eedy Supervisor

Don't worry boss I can practically build this home myself.  I won't hardly need any of them sub-contractors, it will save you thousands.

The Finished Home

Hey Boss! I think it came out great.  Just look at that beautiful Spanish Mission Style home.  I'm sure it'll be featured in the next Best Houses & Farms.

crooked home.jpg

The Consequences of

I told you didn't I, but you wouldn't listen would you??  Just because you built a dog house for your sister 10 years ago, you actually thought you knew something about home construction, and the best way to go about it.  Oh God, my Mother was right, I married a complete nincompoop!

Alice and Ralph

couple argue.jpg

We explained the benefits of Design-Build versus the Design-Bid-Build process with humor.  Methods other than Design-Build can get very expensive, both financially and emotionally, and that won't be funny.  Don't end up like Alice and Ralph.

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